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Warangal, once the capital of the Kakatiya Kingdom lying south of the River Godavari, is the fifth largest city in Andhra Pradesh located about 157 kms from Hyderabad. It is an important cultural centre of the Telangana region. The ancient history, beautiful lakes, fine architectural temples, rich fauna and flora have contributed its importance to Warangal as a Tourist Centre.

How to Go

Road : Warangal is easily accessible by road from Hyderabad and Vijaywada. Regular bus service connect Warangal with Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. Warangal is linked with all important cities in India in Kilometer from Warangal is given here under.

Bus Services : Warangal is well connected with regular bus services to all places in the district and to surrounding like Khammam, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Nalogonda, Hyderabad and to all important cities in Andhra Pradesh.

Rail : Warangal is linked with all important cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Banglore, Kerala, Chennai, Calcutta, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jammu and many other states in India by Train Services.

Air : No Air Services. The nearest Airport is Hyderabad situated at a distance of 130 Kms from Warangal. Hyderabad is well connected by air to all the major cities of India.

Things to See

Thousand Pillars Temple: Perched elegantly on the slopes of the hills at Hanamkonda, the thousand pillars temple is fine specimen of Kakatiya Architecture and sculpture. Built by Rudra Deva in 1163 AD in the Chalunkan style, the star-shaped, triple shrine temple is dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Surya. The temple is notable for its richly carved pillars, preformatted screens and exquisite icons, specially impressive are the rock cut elephants and the Nandi.

Warangal Fort: The Warangal Fort with its impressive and beautifully carved thoranan arches, and pillars inside spread over a radius of 19 kms between Hanamkonda and Warangal, the impregnable fort was popularly known as the seat of power. The fort consists of seven towers , with a radius of 8 kms. The main fort has 45 towers, and a temple of mother earth in the middle of the fort (Swayam Bhudevi Alayam). A legendary master piece known as Khush Mahal built by Shittabh Khan (Reign 1504-1512 is situated close to the glorious Warangal Fort. Even today, the beautifully carved gateway located within the fort-the famous 'Ekashila'- symbolises the Kakatiya empire and Warangal like the Charminar does for Hyderabad.

Ramappa Temple: The medieval Deccan Ramappa Temple dating back to 1213 AD, built by the  7th Kakatiya kind Rudra Senani, is the right choice for architectural lovers with a panoramic view of scenic beauty, situated at Palamet village 64 kms away from Warangal, the Temple has several idols in dancing postures. It documents the glory and grandeur of the Kakatiya kingdom with rich intricate culture on walls, pillars and ceilings brackets and ceiling will captivate you. The main attraction of this temple is the floating bricks and a warrior queen.

Ramappa Lake: Includes Ramappa Temple and boating facility in Ramappa Lake. The Kakatiya rulers followed the traditions of constructing a tank adjacent to a temple. In line with this tradition, the Ramappa Lake was also constructed near the Ramappa temple. The lake holds a great scenic beauty, with its serene surroundings, giving a mystical air to the temple.

Khush Mahal: A mute testimony to a glorious past is the Khush Mahal, a masterpiece built by Shitabh Khan. Located close to the Warangal Fort, this magnificent edifice house idols excavated from the surrounding areas.

Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary:
Listen to the call of the wild; around the tranquil  man made Pakhal lake, discover  the interesting and exciting water body with crocodiles and big fish & variety of birds. You can have a walk around the lake along the nature trial path. Special sitting places are being provided for families.

Pakhal Lake:
A trip to Warangal is not complete without a sojourn at the charming Pakhal Lake. Moonlit nights on the shores of this lake are simply heavenly.Situated about 70 kms from Warangal, this huge manmade lake is enveloped by forested hills. Set around the lake is Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, spread over an area of 900 sq. km.

Tadvai & Eturinagaram: Apart from Pakhal, another worth visiting is Tadwai sanctuary, which is spread over 800 Sq kms, and popularly known as Eturinagaram Sanctuary located about 80 kms from Warangal, this place with scenic, beauties and has facilities like guest house and building complex of general amenities. Nature lovers can go for a walk along the nature trial or trek along the Peddagutta.

Bhadrakalli Temple:
Situated at a top of Hillock between and Warangal it is famous for the stone image of the goddess with eight-armed with a weapon in each hand is shown in a sitting posture.

Khazipet Dargha: Situated at a distance of 2 kms from Kazipet Railway Station, Dargha which is popularly known as Kazipet Dargha is the place of visit not only for the Muslim Community but also for other religious from all over the country.

Fatima Church: Fatima Church at Fathimanagar in Kazipet is a unique Roman catholic Church and is famous in Telegana Region. Many devotees from all over A.P in thousands visit the church to venerate Mary Matha and participate in festival celebration in the month of February every year. Most of the devotees are under belief that they get lot of relief and their petitions put forth are fulfilled.

Kolanupaka: Kolanupaka 75 kms from Hyderabad and 75 kms from Warangal is famous for the 2000 years - old Jain Mahavir Temple. A five feet jade idol of Lord Mahavira is an added attraction. The Jain temple is architecturally brilliant and endowed with beautifully carved statues of Tirthankaras. The state Archaeological Department runs a museum in the Someswara temple complex with a wide range of exhibits relating to temple architecture.

Pembarti: The Kakatiyas extensively used sheet metal art to decorate chariots and temples. with the fall of the Kakatiyas empire the art had a slow death. But it was revived during the reign of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Pembarti, located 60 Km from Warangal, is famous for the sheet metal art. For the lovers of arts and crafts the town is worth a visit.

Eturungaram: About 80 Kms from Warangal, the Eturungaram Sanctuary along the banks of River Godavari, is home to the Spotted Deer, Blackbuck, Neelghai, Sloth Bear, Panther and Tiger. The sylvan environs of the sanctuary, with forests interspered with low hills, offer a nice holiday Cottages maintained by the department of Forests at Eturunagaram and nearby tadavi provide comfortable accommodation. The best season to visit Eturunagram is between October and May.

Cheriyal: Cheriyal village in Warangal district is home to the famous Cheriyal scroll paintings. The paintings in earth colors, depicting mythological stories, find great popularity as wall decorations.

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Tourist Information

Regional Tourist Information Bureau, 
Tel: +91 0870 2459201

A.P Tourist Information Counter,
Railway Station, Kazipet
Tel: +91 0870 2549109

Tourist Guides

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