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The name Salem is derived from word “ SAILAM “ denoting an area surrounded by Mountains . These mountains were important factor for Salem's industrial Development .
Thiruvannamalai, located at the foot of a hill is 185 kms from Chennai. It is one of the major pilgrim centers in India.
Thiruvarur is located 290 kms away from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and is positioned between Nagapattinam (24 kms) and Thanjavur (56 kms).
Velankanni is one of the most visited pilgrim centres in India. It is a town situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, fourteen kilometers from Nagapattinam.
Krishna refers to black and giri refers to hill . This district is gifted with black granite hillocks and named Krishnagiri . Krishna Deva Raya also once ruled this region and therefore it might have been named after this king.
Thoothukudi is head quarters of the Thoothukudi district and it is famed for pearl fishing, production of salt, fishing and other related business. Thoothukudi is in the extreme south of Tamil Nadu, was called Tuticorin earlier.
Lignite Mines at Neyveli Neyveli is 50 kms. from Chidambaram through Vadalur. The Lignite mined here is used to fuel two thermal power stations in Tamil Nadu.
Virudunagar is the headquarters of Virudunagar District. It is 48 kms South of Madurai, 26 kms north of sattur and 24 kms from Sivakasi. Legend says that this town was named after a warrior who was possession of a number of flags as a token of having conquered many others challenged the residents of this town.

Festivals in Tamil Nadu

Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. People extend their tribute to the Sun, Nature and the Cattle wealth for helping them with a rich harvest and Prosperity. The traditional preparation of 'Pongal' i.e. boiling rice with jaggery and milk, takes place at every home. At dawn on this day families everywhere gather around a new earthen pot. As the pot of milk boils over, signifying prosperity, a shout of "Pongalo Pongal" rents the air. This thanks- giving festival is celebrated on the first day of the Tamil Month Thai (Middle Of January).
Tourist Fair ( Fairlands or Island Garounds - Chennai )
In January, the sun gets into a pleasant holiday mood and Chennai gets a cool respite from her famous hot weather ! Time for family outings to the colourful Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation Trade Fair. The exhibition presents a panorama of Tamil Nadu - all her places of tourist interest, her cultural wealth and economic progress.
Chithirai Festival - Madurai
The Chithirai Festival is held in the famous Madurai temple, 500 kms. from Chennai. Starts from the Tamil month Chithirai, and ends on the tenth day. Madurai brings you a spectacular re-enactment of the marriage of the Pandiyan princess Meenakshi to Lord Sundareswarar. You can witness an ancient legend unfold right before your eyes as Lord Vishnu rides to his sister's wedding on gleaming real-gold horse chariot The celebration is filled with pomp and festivity. The Kallagar entering the river Vaigai is indeed a spectacular soul-ful sight.
Dance Festivals - Mamallapuram
The Dance Festival starts on the 25th of December every year and conducted on all Saturdays. Sundays and Government holidays, upto February first week. Sit before an open-air 'stage' created 13 centuries ago the incredible monolithic rock sculptures of the Pallavas, next to the sea in this ancient city of Mamallapuram. Lovers of dance will be treated to a very unique and unforgettably aesthetic event : Bharatha Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali and Odissi, presented by the very best exponents of the art besides folk dances.
Natyanjail Dance Festivals
Starts from the day of Mahashivarathri for 5 days. Chidambaram is situated along the coast of the Bay of Bengal, 75 kms. south of Pondicherry. The temple city of Chidambaram pays special tribute to Lord Nataraja the 'Cosmic dancer'. The setting is truly divine-Chidambaram's gold-roofed temple, with pillars depicting Lord Nataraja in 108 poses from Bharatha Natyam - Tamil Nadu's classical dance.
Mahamagam Festival
A holy festival that will bring you to Kumbakonam once in 12 years - the temple city that gets its name from "Kumbha" - the divine pot. Legend has it that Brahma, the Creator, held a pot containing nectar and the seed of creation. Shiva. in the form of a hunter shot an arrow at the pot - spilling the nectar into the famous Mahamagam tank at the Adi Kumbeswarar Temple.
Aurbathimoovar Festival

Literally, 'Arubathimoovar' refers to the 63 saints of Shiva canonised for leading exemplary lives of devotion and penance. Bronze figures of these 63 saints adorn the magnificent Kapaliswar Temple at Mylapore, Chennai. Once, every year, they are carried in a colourful procession through the streets of Mylapore.

Summer Festivals
The summer festival might find you in the 'Queen of Hill Stations', the evergreen Ooty; the exquisite Kodaikkanal or the salubrious heights of Yercaud - where boat races, flower and fruit shows are specially organised. Also, a splendid opportunity to go trekking in any of Tamil Nadu's other hill stations that promise unforgettable holidays off the beaten track.
Saral Vizha ( Kuttalm or Courtallm )
A festival that makes a celebration out of a simple, daily ritualbathing ! And indeed, a bath at the picturesque Courtallam waterfalls is no ordinary event. The healing waters of the roaring Courtallam are famed for their medicinal properties.
Kanthuri Festival
A truly secular festival - where devotees flock to the shrine of saint Quadirwali, believed to do equal good to people of all faiths. One of the descendants of the Saint is chosen as a Peer or spiritual leader and is honoured with offerings. On the tenth day of the festival, the Saint's tomb is annointed with sandalwood - and later the holy sandal paste, renowned for its healing powers, is distributed to everyone.
Kavadi Festival
Dancing in a hypnotic trance to the rhythm of drums, devotees of Muruga carry the 'Kavadi' a flower decked decoration, all the way up the Palani Hills to fulfil their vow. According to Hindu mythology, Idumban is said to have carried two sacred hillocks on two ends of a pole placed on his shoulders.
Velankanni Festival
Wondrous legends surround the church-the most famous being that of the ship-wrecked Portuguese sailors, who in the 16th century, vowed to build a great shrine for the Virgin Mary, for saving their lives in a terrible storm. The Velankanni festival attracts thousands, clad in orange robes to the sacred spot where the ship landed. Equally famous are the Virgin Mary's miraculous healing powers - earning for the church the name 'Lourdes of the East'.
Literally, this means the festival of 'nine nights' taking unique and different forms in different states of India - all to propitiate the goddess Sakthi, for power, wealth and knowledge
Karthigai Deepam
Rows of glittering earthen lamps outside every home, and the joyous burst of fire crackers mark Tamil Nadu's Festival of Lights.
Music Festival
Come December, Chennai celebrates her priceless heritage of caruatic, music and dance to present a galaxy of star artistes,old and new.

Union territories

Metropolitan cities of India

Metropolitan cities of India

The Land of Heritage & Devotion It is a place that enchants and enhances the soul. Chettinad is the homeland of the Nattukottai Chettiars called the Nagarathars, are a prosperous banking and business community. It is a tourist's paradise with a difference, and one which certainly cannot be missed by the discerning tourist. A stray thundershower adds to the charm of the place, churning up the red soil, and filling up the temple tanks. The palatial mansions, makes Chettinad a place of rare charm, and a must visit destination.
Sivagangai: Sivagangai is the district head quarters of Sivagangai District. It is situated 45 kms south East of Madurai and 17 kms north of Manamadurai. It is connected by road and rail with all-important towns in the state. The founder of Sivagangai was Sasivarnana Periya Udaya Thevar and he was the first king of Sivagangai dynasty. The palace of the ex rulers of Sivagangai can be seen here ie. the Sree Viswanatha and Sree Subramaniya temples. There is a big Teppakkulam or Tank in front of the palace, which adds to the splendour of the town.
Namakkal is the headquarters of Namakkal District. Namakkal town lies at the foot of a small hillock. There is a fort on the hill. There are two rock–cut cave temples located on both sides of the hill dedicated to Narasimhaswamy and Ranganathasamy. There is also a 18 feet tall Hanuman statue carved out of a single stone at the Hanuman Temple. This town is famous for the automobile industry and poultry farms. 
Vellore is now pulsating with activities as a commercial, administrative, educational and medical centre. It had the privilege of being the seat of the Pallava, Chola, Nayak, Maratha, Arcot Nawab and Bijapur Sultan kingdoms. Vellore grew into a bustling town gradually since the 6th century changing the rulers and growing in importance. Vellore has the renowned Christian Medical College and Hospital where patients from all corners of the world get advanced medical treatment.

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