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How to Go

Road Well-laid road connect the city with all major cities and towns in the state.

Rail There is a Railway station.

Airport Thiruvananthapuram airport is 230 kms away and Madurai is 130 kms away.

Port Natural harbour.



Thoothukudi: Thoothukudi is head quarters of the Thoothukudi district and it is famed for pearl fishing, production of salt, fishing and other related business. Thoothukudi is in the extreme south of Tamil Nadu, was called Tuticorin earlier. The added attraction to this port city is because it has a natural harbour.

Besides all this, it has importance because it is from this place that the freedom fighter V.O.Chidambaram Pillai set sail his ship to protest against British supremacy over India.

There are stretches of sunny and sandy beaches that are restful and calm. There are several towns that have historical and religious significance that are around Thoothukudi. They are Thiruchendur, Manapad, Kazhugumalai, Ottapaitapitram. Panchalankuruchi, Ettayapuram, Kayalpattinam, Navathiruppathi, Kulasekarapattinam, Puliyampatti, Deviaseyalpuram and Korkai. The town has a centre for folk art and there are handicraft centres.

Places to See
Sankara Rameshwarar Temple (Lord Shiva Temple) It is believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi on their way to Thiruchendur halted near the holy tank Vancha Pushkarani. The Lord Shiva explained the secrets of the pranava-manthra to Goddess Paravathi, and the reason for this place being called Thirumanthira Nagar and where the temple is now built. Today this place is called Thoothukudi. This temple is situated near old bus stand. Phone: (0461) 2320680.

Hare Island: The island lies adjoining the port. It is a very good picnic spot for holiday seekers and the domestic tourist. Many tourists visit here during the Pongal holidays when special buses are operated for the benefit of the tourists.

Roche Park is 4km from Thoothukudi city on the way to port,a lovely place for hoilday seekers Roche Park is an ideal site.This area shore is very calm.During festival and weekly holidays there is a heavy Tourist flow to this place.

Church of Our Lady of Snow   This church was dedicated to the mother of Jesus and was consecrated by the bishop of Cochin. It was earlier called St.Paul's Church and gradually it came to be known as the Church of Our Lady of Snow . In June 1555, the beautiful statue of Our Lady reached Thoothukudi by the ship "Santalena." A Jesuit priest Fr. Vigilius Mansi laid the foundation stone for the present church. The new church was opened and blessed in August 1713. In July 1982 Pope John Paul II raised the shrine to the status of Basilica. The annual feast is held every year in August.

Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute, Thoothukudi   This is a marine research and development organisation established at Thoothukudi, with the idea to research the needs of marine and coastal ecosystems in India and to uplift the socio-economic conditions of coastal people, who earn their livelihood from the sea. The objectives of SDMRI are multi- and inter-disciplinary involving the research work, conservation and management of marine and coastal ecosystem, reef ecosystem, remedial work such as reef restoration and creating artificial reefs and other marine related activities. The Manonmaniam Sundaranar University has recognized the courses at the SDMRI.

Kazhukumalai This is 60 kms from Kovilpatti. The cave temple here belongs to 8th century A.D. The monolithic Vettuvankoil is worth visiting. It is a rock-cut cave temple similar to Pallava cave temples at Mamallapuram. It was one of the important centres of the jains. The bas-relief found here is the contributions of Jains and are among the earliest of the Jain architecture that exists. The Archeology Department of Tamil Nadu controls this archaeological find.

Kulasekarapattinam Mutharamman Temple This is situated on the way to Kanniyakumari and Thiruchendur. Formerly there was a port located here. This village is famous for the Mutharamman Koil, located on the seashore. This temple is nearly 150 years old. The Dasserah festival is celebrated grandly every year. During the 10-day festival celebration, more than 3 lakh people gather here. Folk dance artists from all over Tamil Nadu, perform in a variety of programmes. Kulasekarapattinam is just 20 kms from Thiruchendur and 65 kms from Kanniyakumari.

Kovilpatti  It is the second headquarters of the Thoothukudi District. The place is located 58 kms away from Thoothukudi town and 45km from Panchalankurichi. This town is famous for its matchbox industry and the spinning mills. It is well connected by road and rail. Madurai is the nearest airport, which is 100 kms from here.

Shenbagavalli Amman Temple The temple is located at an elevated place called Kovilmedu in the heart of the Kovilpatti town near Ettayapuram. The deities are also referred to by the name Poovana Nathar Swamy and Shenbagavalli Amman . The temple is famous for goddess Shenbagavalli who can be seen in a standing posture.The height of the idol is 7 feet. The grace of the goddess is well known in this area and the name Shenbagavalli is adopted for a girl child in every family. The Ambal Adipooram, Vallikappu festival attracts a huge crowd of women and the Chithrai Theertham or the Tamil New Year attracts the public in large numbers.The male deity Arulmigu Poovana Nathar Swamy was worshipped by Saint Agastiar on his way to Pothigai hills.

The Statue of Kayathar Veerapandian Kattabomman: I t is located 45 kms from Panchalankurichi and 30 kms from Thirunelveli where the British hanged the great freedom fighter Veerapandia Kattabomman on the tamarind tree. In the memory of this great son of the state, the Tamil Nadu government built statue in this place.

Kattalankulam: It is a birthplace of the great freedom fighter Azhagu Muthukon. It is situated near Kayathar. It is connected with Kovilpatti and Kayathar by local transport.

Korkai   This village is located on the main road from Thiruchendur to Thoothukudi but one has to take diversion from the Mukkani Bridge Road near Athoor. It is 29 kms from Thiruchendur. There is the Korkaikulam, which is a tank that has an area of 250 acres. This town was the ancient port during Pandian Dynasty. There is an ancient Vettrivellamman temple that is also worth a visit.

The V.O.C Memorial It is 20 kms from Thoothukudi and 3 kms from Panchalankurichi and 50 kms from Thirunelveli. It is the birthplace of V.O.Chidambaranar. He was a freedom fighter and his maiden venture in navigation against the East India Company caused him to be imprisoned by the British. He is popularly referred to as the Kappal ottiya Tamizhan meaning the Tamilian who captained a ship. His home has now become a memorial.

Mayura Thottam  This peacock farm is situated at Ottapidaram about 22 kms northwest of Thoothukudi. It can be reached by rail from Vanchimaniyachi 12 kms and also from Thoothukudi railway station 22 kms. The farm is 130 kms from Madurai and 68 kms from Thirunelveli. This farm has Bed and Breakfast accommodation by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department. Mayura Thottam is spread over an area of 55 acres. The garden is filled with coconut and guava trees, and many other plants. The peacocks have made this farm their home and the birds even breed here. They can be seen during the months of October and November. During these months there is the famous Peacock dance almost everywhere in the farm. Phone:(0461)2366365.


Bharathiar Manimandapam   The great Tamil patriot poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar was born here. Ettyapuram is now one of the important places. The poet used revolutionary themes in his poems and exhorted only for the Tamil people but for the whole nation to get out from the clutches of British regime. The Bharathiyar memorial Mandapam and the birth house of Bharathiyar made as memorial. It is 42 kms from North of Thoothukudi.

Seenthalakarai Kali Parasakthi Tavasithar Peedam Vetkaliamman Statue   Miracles of Seenthalakarai are famous and this is one such pilgrim centre. Here goddess Sri Vetkaliamman is worshipped. The 42ft height statue near Ettayapuram is great and gigantic. The height of Vetkaliamman inspired Bharathiyar to sing Yaathumai Nindra Kali. Sri Ramamoorthy Swamigal constructed the great Kalai Parasakthi deva sittar peedam here.

Meiganapuram   There is a famous ancient church the name St.Paul. It was built in the 18th century by the British. It is situated in Thiruchendur Taluk, 18 kms towards Valliyur road. 

Vallanadu Deer Sanctuary Vallanadu is a hill area lying between Thirunelveli- Thoothukudi Main Road. The total area is 64 acres. Here you can see deer grazing on the hills. Forest Department fenced the area to protect the deer. It is 35 kms from Thoothukudi .

Deivasevalpuram   The deity of Lord Hanuman 77 feet tall can be seen here. This place is 25 kms from Thoothukudi and 30 kms from Thirunelveli, on the Thoothukudi-Thirunelveli highway.


Beach and Church  The Holy Cross Church at Manapad was built in the year 1581. Fragments of the True cross was brought from Jerusalem and placed in the church. Pilgrims visit the church throughout the year and the church is situated on the seashore. The church is associated with St. Francis Xavier. It is 18 kms from Thiruchendur and 70 kms from Kanniyakumari.

Manapad Palm leaf Society To encourage the traditional palm leaf handicrafts, this society were formed and varieties of articles have been produced in this society unique of this district and for this state as well. Many of products are exported to foreign countries.

Mudalur  Is a place near Thiruchendur, and is famous for its halwa a kind of sweetmeat unique to this district. This halwa is send to other districts of Tamil Nadu.

Kavalpattinam Beach  It is located on the main road from Thiruchendur to Thoothukudi. It is 8 kms from Thiruchendur and 32 kms from Thoothukudi. It is one of the good beaches in this district.

Vanchi Maniyachi It is situated in the middle of Thirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Kovilpatti and is 40 kms from Thoothukudi. It was at the Maniyachi Railway station where Vanchinathan, a freedom fighter, shot the British Collector Ash to dead. This was one of the important events in the history of Indian independence.

Ayyanar Sunai This centre is 4 kms from Thiruchendur. There is a 'natural spring' here and one can get fresh water throughout the year. There is a temple here dedicated to the village deity Ayyanar. It is a good picnic spot. Nearby is a forest with sand dunes.

Thiruchendur Temple and Beach   It is one of the major pilgrim centres of south India. The seashore temple dedicated to Lord Muruga, is one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga called the Arupadai Veedu . The nine storeyed temple tower at a height of 156 feet belongs to the 17th century A.D. Visiting the valli cave, taking a bath in the sea and bathing in Nazhikkinaru here are rituals. It is 60 kms from Thoothukudi. Frequent bus services are available from Thirunelveli and Thoothukudi. There are daily train services also available from Thiruchendur to Thirunelveli.

Kattabomman Memorial Fort, Panchalankurichi the Government of Tamil Nadu built the existing Memorial Fort of his heroic deeds in 1974. Sri Devi Jakkamma temple, the hereditary Goddess of Kattabomman is located inside the fort. A cemetery of British Soldiers can be seen near the fort. The Archeological Department of Tamil Nadu protects the cemetery of the old fort. Inside the memorial fort, a statue of Kattabomman is installed. The half size statue for Oomathurai, Thanathipathi Pillai, Sundaralingam and Vellayathevar, who were the prominent chieftains of Veerapandiya Kattabomman.

There are seven arches installed on the road leading from Kurukkusalai to the Fort via - Ottapidaram in honour of the prominent chieftains of Kattabomman and there is also one arch that is in honour of the traditional Goddess Jakkamma . The annual festival is held in the month of January and in the second week of May, and it attracts thousands of people. The Tourism Department rest house is available. It is 25 kms from Thoothukudi. City bus services are available from Thoothukudi.

Srivaikundam Anicut   It was built in the British Period between 1869-1873. The total length of the anicut is about 1380ft, 420mtrs. Water can be stored in this anicut at a height of 8ft and this water is used for cultivation. About 26,000 acres of land would benefit by this anicut. This anicut acts as a road bridge too and it is 8th Anicut on Tamaraparani river.

Navathirupati  This place is the cradle of Vaishanvism. It is the birthplace of Nammazhwar, and an abode of divinity that is centuries old. Navathirupati is part of a priceless Hindu heritage.

Navathirupati or the nine temples, dedicated to Maha Vishnu are located within 30 kms of Thirunelveli and Thoothukudi Districts of Tamil Nadu. These temples are on the banks of the river Tamaraparani.

Each of the nine temples is associated with one of the Navagrahas. It is believed that worshippers here will obtain deliverance from the evil effects of the Navagrahas. Alwarthirunagari is associated with Guru, Srivaikuntam - Suryan, Natham with Chandran, Thirupuliangudi with Budhan, Deva Piran Temple in Tholavilli Mangalam with Rahu, Aravinda Lochanar Temple with Kethu, Perungulam with Sani, Thirukolur with Sevvai and then Thiruperai with Sukran.

1. Alwarthirunagari The Sri Adinathaperumal Temple enshrines Lord Vishnu's parathuvam - as one who is the beginning and end of everything. Two rare specimen of art that can be found here are the Musical Pillars and the Stone Nadaswaram.
2.Srivaikundam The Sri Vaikundanathar Temple embodies Lord Vishnu's Bhogyabaagavathar or His eagerness to experience the sweet devotion of his bhaktas. A remarkable feature of this temple is that twice a year Surya Bhagawan offers worship to Srivaikundanathar. His rays travel through all the manadapams and anoint the Lord's vigraha .
3.Natham   The Sri Vijayasanar Temple embodying Lord Vishnu's Supreme love for His devotees is regarded as the gateway to moksha or heaven . The presiding deity is Vijayasanar who was given this name because he is seated on a throne in a victorious pose.
4.Thirupuliangudi  The Sri Bhoomipalakan Temple here is another manifestation of Lord Vishnu's all-encompassing love. Located about 3 kms from Srivaikuntam, this is the abode of Bhoomipalakan who is also called Kasinivenda Perumal.
5.Erattai Thirupathi  The Tholaivilli Mangalam-Sri Devapiran Temple and that of Aravinda Lochanar are located here close to each other, giving this place the name, Erattai Thirupati. These temples illustrate the Lord's bandhuthvam or kinship .The deities are Devapiran and Aravinda Lochanar. The Thayaar or the mother goddess is Karunthadangkanni.
6.Sri Aravinda Lochanar Temple Tholavilli Mangalam Aravinda Lochanar , meaning the One with the Eyes of a Lotus , is said to favour those who perform archanas with lotus flowers.
7.Perungulam: Sri Mayakoothar Temple This temple represents the Lord's Cheshtidaacharyam or his power to perform miracles to serve his devotees. The temple is located 12 km from Srivaikuntam.
8.Thenthiruperai Sri Makara Nedungkuzhaikathar Temple  This temple enshrines the Lord's soundaryam or enchanting beauty . It is located 3 kms from Alwarthirunagari. It is believed that those who pray to the Lord here will be blessed with abundant wealth and eternal bliss. 9. Thirukolur Sri Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple  This is the last of the nine temples and it exhibits the Lord's Aabathasahayathvam as one who provides refuge to His devotees. Located 3 kms from Alwarthirunagari, Thiukolur is the birthplace of Madurakavi Azhwar. It is believed that those who pray to Vaithamanidhi Perumal will be blessed with great wealth. The annual festival is celebrated in the month of September for ten days.

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