Tours by State Govt.

Package tours :-

I n order to facilitate the visit of tourists, State Government is organising various package and conducted tours at different circuits. Some of these package tours are the following :-

Tour code Circuit Duration Fare per head
By Bus By Taxi
Adult Child Adult Child
PTC3Ex Calcutta-Agartala-Kumarghat-Jampui Hills-Unakoti-Agartala-Calcutta 6 days 5 nights Rs.1785/- 1200/- 2375/- 1600/-
PTC4Ex Calcutta-Agartala-Neermahal-Udaipur- Sepahijala -Arkaneer-Kamalasagar-Agartala-Calcutta 4 days 3 night Rs.900/- 600/- 1275/- 850/-
PTC5Ex Calcutta-Agartala-Neermahal-Udaipur- Sepahijala-Arkaneer-Kamalasagar-Agartala -Jampui Hills-Unakoti-Agartala-Calcutta 8 days 7 night. Rs.2335/- 1560/- 3140/- 2100/-
Orange Package Ex-Calcutta-Agartala-Jampui Hills-Unakoti -Agartala-Calcutta (November-December) 7 days 6 nights Rs.2375/- 1600 3075/- 2050/-

** Package excludes Air fare, entry fee & boat fare.
** Rates includes Transportation, Accommodation, Guide fee and Service charges.
** Child fare applicable to children between 3-12 years.

In addition special packages for foreign nationals have been made which are given below :-

Package Circuit Duration Fare (Ex Calcutta) Fare (Ex-Agartala)
HERITAGE PACKAGE Calcutta-Agartala- Neermahal-Sepahijala-
4 days &3 nights US $ 395(Couple) US $ 260(Single) US $ 215(Couple)
US $ 165(Single)
EDEN PACKAGE Calcutta - Agartala -Unakoti-Jampui-Agt-
6 days & 5 nights US $ 530(Couple) US $ 370(Single) US $ 345(Couple)
US $ 275(Single)
GREEN PACKAGE Calcutta - Agartala -Unakoti-Jampui-
7 days & 6 nights US $ 580(Couple)
US $ 420(Single)
US $ 410(Couple) - . US $ 330(Single)

* * The above packages( ex- Calcutta) include to and fro air fair in economy class between Agartala and Calcutta Which is subject to revision, Accommodation in State government managed Tourist lodges, Transportation within Tripura by tourist taxi, Food( Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and evening tea ) and Guide. Packages (ex- Agartala) include all other items mentioned above except Air fair between Agartala and Calcutta.

Conducted Tours :-

The State Government organises various conducted tours details of which are given below:-

Tour code Circuit Fare per head
CTA1. Agartala-Sepahijala-BhuvaneshwariTemple-Matabari- Agartala Rs.52/-
CTA2. Agartala-Sepahijala-Neermahal-Agartala Rs.48/-
CTA3. Agartala-Matabari-Neermahal-Agartala Rs.62/-
CTA4. Agartala-Kamalasagar-Sepahijala-Agartala Rs.40/-
CTA5. Agartala-Kamalasagar-Neermahal-Agartala Rs.52/-
CTA6. Agartala-Jampui-Agartala (2 nights halt) Rs.215/-
CTA7. Agartala-Unakoti-Jampui-Agartala (2 nights halt) Rs.255/-
CTA8. Agartala-Matabari-Dumboor-Agartala ( 1 night halt) Rs.105/-
CTA9. Agartala-Sepahijala-Matabari-Neermahal-
Kamalasagar- Agartala (1 night halt)
(one night halt)
CTU1. Udaipur-Neermahal-Sepahijala-Udaipur Rs.48/-
CTU2. Udaipur-Kamalasagar-Agartala-Udaipur Rs.60/-

** Rates includes Transportation, Guide fee and Service charges. These tours are being organised with the coaches of departments as well as travel agencies.

ICAT Department organises number of conducted and package tours for tourists which are very economical.